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We carry both SCENTED Flame and LED (flameless) candles.  We are constantly updating our inventory.   Please call us at 480-980-2658 or come by and visit us every Saturday at the Phoenix Park N Swap, 40th Street and Washington, Row F, spaces 45 and 47.

Candles - LED - Family

Family Vanilla Sugar LED Pillar Candle $21.99

candle - Thankful

Thankful  LED Pillar 3"x6" Candle $22.99

candle - blue faith

Faith  Vanilla Sugar LED Pillar Candle $21.99

candle - grateful

Grateful LED Pillar 3"x5" Candle $22.99

candle - Faith

Faith Printed Expression Pillar Candle $21.99

candle - Blessed

Blessed  LED Pillar 3"x4" Candle $9.99

candle - Love.jpg

Love Canberry Apple Scented Candle $7.99

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