Church Supplies - To Order:  Call 480-980-2658

Our Church Supplies are ONLY available for Pickup or Delivery. 


Also available for pickup at the Phoenix Park & Swap every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We are located in space F48.  

Portable Communion Set

Portable Communion set - 12 cup - Set includes a reusable tube that holds 12 clear plastic communion cups, a 2 ounce bottle with lid for juice, small aluminum tin for bread, and a metal vial for anointing oil. The black leather-look case zips open and closed and has a red velour interior with straps for securing a small Bible. $39.99

COMMUNION Pre-filled cups with wafers.jpg

Celebration Prefilled Communion Cups complete with Wafer, Box of 100. $34.99

Tithe & Offering Envelopes

Tithing & Offering envelopes (100 ct) featuring a sealable flab packaged in a window view box  $9.99

Prayer Clothes

Prayer cloths  - NEW Prayers in my pocket- to be used as a point of contact for Faith, Love and kindness.  package of 6 $17.99

Offering Buckets

Offering bucket opague white,stackable $7.00