How to Receive Communion at Home 

Communion Set - Only $10.00

With churches still shut down and many not returning to the church building, people who no longer have a church home but rather prefer to meet in homes, and others who are just fed up with the apostasy in the church, are longing to take Communion and are not sure how to do it and are asking is it okay to take Communion at home.  The answer is Yes, and I encourage it. 


But there is a right way to take Communion.  If you have any unforgiveness in your heart or practicing sin, You are not qualified to take Communion.  You must repent first and get your heart right with God. 


I have put together this communion set to assist you in how to receive communion at home.  It is now more important than ever to stay covered  by the Blood of Jesus.


The communion set comes in a Red velvet drawstring pouch, has 4 prefilled juice and waver communion sets that will last you 4 months for taking Communion once a month, and a pamphlet by Kenneth Copeland on "How to Receive Communion."


Available for Delivery or Pickup - Call/text "The Love Store at 480-980-2658

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