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We are located inside Aizona Mills Mall, 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Tempe, AZ 85282  - Find us in Neighborhood 3 near Starbucks

Journal Set - Each comes with a Diamond Pen

Diamond Pens
Journal - I Can do all things

Journal special moments in your life or journal everything! $14.99

Journal - Send it Up to God

Send it Up to God soft leather Journal - "Write your Vision Down and make it Plain and though it may tarry it will surely come." Habakkuk 2:2  $14.99

Journal - Set Your Heart Above

Dedicate your Life and Love to the Lord Jesus Christ $14.99

Journal - Jeremiah 29 11

Jeremiah 29:11 - I now the Plans I hae for You $11.99

Hobby Lobby - Journal - For God So Loved
Journal - Fruit of the Spirit

Dedicate your life to being a Soul Winner like Christ $14.99

Fruit of the Spirit Journal  $14.99

Journal - wildly blessed

Journal cover says "Wildly Blessed" $11.99

Journal - She Laughs without fear

She laughs without fear $11.99

Notebook l - Done in Love.jpg

Notebook - Done in Love $11.99

Journal - Walk by Faith.jpg

Journal cover says  "Walk by Faith Not by Sight."

2Cor 5:7  $11.99

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