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Ladies Jewelry 

Our stock changes regularly.  Call for availability at 480-980-2658 or visit us at the Phoenix Park N Swap at 40th Street and Washington every Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm, Row F spaces 45 and 47. 


Kerusso - Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails   $9.99

Kerusso - Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord Provers 3:5-6 $9.99

Kerusso - bracelet - Grace

Grace Bracelet $9.99

Kerusso - Mixed Crosses Bracelet

Mixed Crosses Bracelet $9.99

Bracelet - pray more.webp

Pray more, worry less stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - Love like Jesus.webp

Love Like Jesus  $19.99 

Bracelet - Love never fails.webp

Love never fails stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet -Amazing Grace.webp

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - one of a kind.webp

You're one of a kind $19.99

Bracelet - God is Faithful.webp

God is Faithful  stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - Let your light shine.webp

Let your light shine stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - you are loved.webp

You are Loved  stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - Ive got that joy joy joy.webp

I've got that joy joy joy stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - Faith can move mountains.webp

Faith can move mountains stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - It is Well With My Soul.webp

Front of charm says "It is Welll' back says "With my soul stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - Faith Hope Love.webp

Front of charm says "Faith Hope Love  back says "1 Cor 13:13 stretch bracelet $19.99

Bracelet - not perfect just forgiven.webp

Front of charm says "not perfect' back says "Just Forgiven stretch bracelet $19.99

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